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John Mayson (KC4VJO)

John Mayson
DMR Radio ID 3169329
Grid EM10dj
Location Austin, Texas, USA
County Travis
Class General

On January 15, 1991, I officially became a licensed amateur radio operator. Given I was a student I used the gear belonging to W4AQL, our campus ham radio club, and made a CW QSO with Finland.

To be honest, the whole thing was anticlimactic. Since junior high school, I wanted my ham license. Once I had it I realized I had no desire to talk to strangers over the radio. I was more enamored in the technology than the practice.

On August 18, 2020, I received a DMR-capable HT. The technology behind DMR intrigues me. I can usually be found on the Texas Statewide DMR talkgroup 3148 (Brandmeister).



I am currently streaming the GATRRS Simulcast Site 1. You can listen in your browser by clicking here. If you wish to see the alpha tags, you'll need to open one of the streams in a media player such as VLC.

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