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Why I Left Spectrum Internet

On March 7, 2021, after being a long-time customer, I cancelled my Internet service with Spectrum and went with another provider. Here's why.

Winter Storm Uri

Late in the evening of February 14, 2021 we lost Internet. This wasn't totally unexpected since a major winter storm was hitting Texas. What followed was unexpected.

Before we lost power I checked the Spectrum app on my phone looking for information about the outage. That's when I learned they had increased my bill by 25%. No emails. No letters. Just an out-of-the-blue 25% rate increase. I soon lost power and my Internet outage and expensive service were the least of my worries.

Later in the week power was restored. But still no Internet. I contacted Spectrum where I discussed a number of things.

My 25% rate hike

My previous rate was introductory and it had ended.

Would I get a credit for the time I had no service?

It's Spectrum policy not to credit customer accounts for service outages.

When should I expect service to be restored?

Spectrum does not provide information to customers about outages or repairs.

What the actual @#$%?

Service ended up being out for nine full days.

My repeated requests for a status were met either with the party line answer or a borderline insulting answer. Example, one rep told me the outage was affecting only me and I likely didn't have power at my house or a tree limb had knocked the cable down. I knew for a fact this entire part of town was out. Two, I'm not that stupid that I'd be without power wondering why nothing worked. And three, we have underground utilities, a tree limb would have done nothing.

Another rep replied to an online chat with something to the effect of “We at Spectrum believe in customer service (J/K)”.

I found a new provider and I called Spectrum asking if they'd match the price. In all honestly I would have been satisfied to have my old rate back even though it was more. Nope. I was “ineligible for any further promotions or discounts”, thank you for being a customer, I'm always welcomed back.

Time to cancel

After testing out my new provider for a week I called Spectrum to cancel. Only then were even mildly concerned about customer service.

She offered me a better rate, something I was emphatically told I was ineligible for.

She said that even as a Spectrum employee, she was told nothing about the outage and was just in the dark as everyone else. So this makes their lack of communication to their customers acceptable?

I did finally get a $20 credit for being without service.

Of everything I outlined here, purposely not telling paying customers anything is unacceptable. I had to make decisions about whether to try to drive in to work or get a hotspot based on when service would be restored. Not having this information was a huge problem for me. It's this reason more than any other that I'm no longer a Spectrum customer.

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