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John Mayson's Wiki

Too often I find useful information and then later I cannot find it again because I have too many places where I store notes. This wiki contains information that is particularly useful to me, but others might benefit, so I share.


I'm a world-traveling test engineering manager from Austin.

I have decades of knowledge, but most of it is locked away in my head. The rest lies in physical notebooks and in various files scattered across computers. I strive to consolidate all information here.

This wiki is not publicly editable.

Major categories found in this wiki

About this wiki

I chose Dokuwiki over other wiki platforms for several reasons.

  1. It's minimalist. No database is needed, everything is stored in plain text files.
  2. Because it relies on text files I can write scripts to create pages for me.
  3. It's extensible, there are lots of plugins available.

This runs on a Raspberry Pi 4 that sits next to my router in my utility room above the washer and dryer. A cron job backs it up to off-site storage periodically.

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